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Contact Philippe Carr, European Commission Representation in Ireland

Live Stream & Remote Requests

The conference was streamed live, courtesy of Tom Duke of Digital Revolutionaries, and questions were taken through the website.

[00:00] Pre-conference seminar "What makes a good blog?" Cian O Flaherty ( and Damien Mulley (www.mulley .net)
[18:00] Video Address European by Commission Vice President Margot Wallström
[24:30] Session 1: Blogging and Social Media in an institutional setting
[24:30] Donnacha DeLong - Amnesty International: Human Rights in the Blogosphere
[45:00] Joe Zefran - RTE head of internet development and Senior Editor
[55:00] Q&A session
[10:00] Damian O'Brion - 50 great online advocacy, fundraising and relationship building ideas
[1:00:00] Video Submission - Mike Kelly, Video Blogging
Digital Soapbox
[18:00] NearMedia Co-op - community radio
[26:00] Journalism & Blogging Workshop - Harry McGee (Irish Times), Damien Mulley (
[40:00] Workshop Panel Discussion
Keynote speaker: Zack Exley
[11:00] Video Submission - Global Voices
[18:00] Zack Exley
Session 5: Conference Roundtable
[00:00] Panel Discussion / Q & A
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