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Welcome to the website of the European Commission Representation in Ireland
Irish People in the EU

There are Irish people working throughout every level of the European Union, in addition to those working in the Irish Representations of the Commission and the Parliament.

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Adrian Nicholl
Laboratory Analyst working for the Nuclear Safeguards and Security Department of The Institute for Transuranium Elements (JRC)

Originally from Leitrim.

About your job: I do chemical separations on Actinides, Alpha and Gamma measurements on Nuclear material, prepare reference material and develop new laboratory methods. The best thing about my job is that I work in an international institute where I have the opportunity to speak 4 languages. My greatest challenge is to contribute to the ever growing demands that meet nuclear laboratories today, for example combating illicit nuclear trafficking.

Why the EU? Unemployed in Dublin in 1986 the EU has certainly opened doors for me. Qualified in the RTC Sligo(1984) with a Diploma in Analytical Chemistry, I saw the NSAS department in ITU Karlsruhe as as good a lab as any to put my qualifications and skills into practice.

How do you think Ireland has benefited most from the EU? Ireland has benefited mainly in the agriculture area(It kept small farmers in the North West off the bread line back in the 70s and 80s). Road improvement in Ireland over the last 20 years has been possible due to large grants from Brussels.

Based: Karlsruhe, Germany

Languages: 4 languages: English, German, Italian and French. I had good basics in French and German thanks to both the Cistercian College Roscrea and Moyne Community School and Italian I learned from the pillow.

Books/Music: Book: "The Da Vinci Code"
Music: Hotel California from the Eagles.