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Welcome to the website of the European Commission Representation in Ireland
Irish People in the EU

There are Irish people working throughout every level of the European Union, in addition to those working in the Irish Representations of the Commission and the Parliament.

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Canice Nolan
Head of Food Safety, Health and Consumer Affairs at the European Commission Delegation to the USA.

Originally from Dublin.

About your job: To represent the interests of the EU in the USA primarily in the areas of food safety, public health and consumer affairs; to seek to identify and solve problems at an early stage and find areas where we can work cooperatively for the common good. The variety of the work is great; I take pride in knowing what I represent in my work. Keeping up to date on a daily basis across a huge range of issues and finding the understanding of the factors behind the why, in each case and on a case-by-case basis, specific problems do not easily lend themselves to that quick a resolution are the challenges.

Why the EU? I wanted to work for the EU since I was about 12 years old when I first became aware of it. I truly believe that we are engaged in a fantastic project/experiment in building this new Europe and want to help bring it about.

How do you think Ireland has benefited most from the EU? The EU has opened the world to Ireland but has also opened Ireland to the world.

Based: Washington DC

Languages: English - home
French - school was helpful for the writing and reading but it was living in France for 5 years that did the deal
Italian - working in Italy for four years, I did not follow any formal courses in school
Irish - school but this has fallen into the background after 30 years of non-use
German and Spanish - limited knowledge from evening classes.

Books/Music: At Swim-two-birds by Flann O'Brian not just because of the language and writing style but also because of the way he turns the very concept of a novel upside down and inside out and in a very humorous way.
Music: The Dark side of the Moon - at my age what else if I am only allowed to choose one?