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Welcome to the website of the European Commission Representation in Ireland
Irish People in the EU

There are Irish people working throughout every level of the European Union, in addition to those working in the Irish Representations of the Commission and the Parliament.

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Liam Breslin
Head Of Unit Aeronautics, DG Research

Originally from Mullingar, Co. Westmeath.

About your job: My job is to run the aeronautics reseach programme, which is part of the 7th Framework Programme for Research of the EU. This involves the funding of a range of research projects, involving partners from all over europe - industry / research organisations / universities - all working together on joint EU funded research projects, some of which have EU funding of 50 million.
These projects deal with issues such as new engine technologies, new lighter materials for large aircraft of the future, advanced manufacturing technologies, future aircraft designs, reduced emissions and noise from aircraft, and the greening of air transport of the future.
The job is very varied, very challenging, working with countries all across Europe - and the end result has a real impact for Europe. The greatest challenge is getting everyone working together, but I like the European dimension to the work, and working with many different nationalities. I also like Brussels.

Why the EU?

How do you think Ireland has benefited most from the EU? Hugely - access to the European markets / infrastructure improvement from the structural and cohesion funds/ improved mobility of Irish people / modernisation of agriculture and food indusry via the CAP/ technology development via research programmes/ adapting to european standards / Irish people becoming more European in their outlook!

Based: Brussels

Languages: Four languages to varying levels, most of which I learned here in Brussels.

Books/Music: Many - favourites would include Patrick Kavanagh's collected poems, and Dolores Keane!