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Organise, Activate, Influence - conference report
Maman Poulet

Myself and over 80 others attended Saturday’s conference on Social Activism Online in Ireland. Hosted by the EU Commission Representation in Ireland staff, the conference was also organised by Cian O’Flaherty from It was well worth a Saturday! Some lovely photos from the day are available here courtesy of Red Mum.
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EU Conference on Social Activism Online in Ireland - Take aways
Damien Mulley @

Hopefully the next few months will show that people have organised, activated and influenced as a result of the really good conference that was held on Saturday in the EU offices in Dublin. A huge congratulations must be given to Philippe, Ruth and Cian for doing so much work and putting a really good and diverse day together.
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Social Activism Online
Maryrose Lyons @ Brightspark

Damian O’Broin gave an excellent presentation on the A-Z of social activism. Here follows a list of campaigns that have worked for various not for profit organisations. If you are involved in this sector (as I am), you’d do well to go through the list and ask yourself ‘now how can I adapt that to suit our story?”
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jmcc gives us a bashing on
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Connect with Irish social activists...
connector @

On Saturday last, there was a full day event for current & future Irish bloggers with a special focus on ‘Social Activism’. It was called ‘Organise, Activate, Influence’ - Social Activism Online in Ireland. There was a good crowd of 40 or so people before I left prior to lunch and it was very well organised by Phillippe Carr.
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